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Sweetgrass Basket

Art In Education Residency
Meets State Standards
Name:             Mary Graham-Grant

Address:         Columbia SC  29209

Phone:             (803) 783-1836

Email:             weavenok@yahoo.com


Art Form:        Basketry


Specialty:        Sweetgrass baskets    


Format:           Residencies comply with the South Carolina Educational Standards and is designed to introduce students to a general historical overview and origin of Sweetgrass basketry along with basic construction methods, materials used and tools used in making a basket.  Depending on the time allotted and the ability of participant to grasp how sweetgrass baskets are made, he/she will complete a small basket.


Grades:          3rd – 12th grades.  Adult classes arranged upon request.

Availability:    Statewide Residencies

Fees:               Residencies:  $1,200 - $1,500.00 per week


1st day – History of baskets and materials, start on bottom of basket (already approximately 1” diameter)


2nd day – Review history and materials and work on bottom of basket


 3rd day – Review history and materials and work on bottom and side of basket


4th day – Continue making the sides of the basket go up.


5th day – finish basket and review of history and materials.




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